Father’s Day

Our weekend was spent well this Father’s Day.  We visited first my Lola in Tondo to see how well she is doing after her major operation and first check up.   Its nice to note that is ok, she started her PT session about 3 days ago and according to the PT, she has a great chance to walk again.

Tita Rose and I went to Bambang quickly to find a bedpan for my Lola.  She likes the plastic one so its not cold when she uses it. Great, we found one.  Too bad, I was not able to take a picture of it.

After the visit, my family headed to the mall.  Rey requested that we visit Tutuban, we haven’t gone for quite long.  Gab fell asleep on our way from my Tita’s place to Tutuban.  Gab spent most of the time sleeping in the car while I buy some hand towels for Rey and hangers for home use.  When I finished, Rey went out of the car to look for a 500W transformer for his xbox. 

Rey did not find one, so we headed to Mall of Asia so he could look for it at Ace Hardware.  We celebrated Father’s Day at Sabbaro and also to save our stomach. 

Mahal, thank you for the free dinner.

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