What can happen to your child if you spank them?


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Being a parent is a lovely and at the same time a difficult duty. Disciplining children is one of the many great challenges of a parent and at the same time risky. What would you do if you have a child who is really hard to discipline? Will spank him or will you talk to him?
Before you consider your action, let me tell you first what can happen to your child if he gets spanked. According to a recent study in Canada, spanking our beloved children can bring long-term developmental damage and a possible reason for a lower IQ.
This conclusion raised by the Canadian Medical Association Journal is based from a result of examining 20 years worth of published research regarding the issue. According to the research, this matter have been overlooked and neglected because of the concern that every parent has the right to choose a disciplinary method for their children. It is believe that spanking nowadays is not as serious as it was 20 years ago. However, a big percentage of parents still believe that there is no significant negative effect with spanking.
Researchers have confirmed that spanking or physical punishment of children results to being antisocial and being more aggressive. This can actually result to developmental difficulties and as well as cognitive impairment. The study also suggests that spanking children may affect the grey matter of the brain. This part of the brain is very important in intelligence development. Further, this also suggests that children, who were physically abused, even by mere spanking, can be prone to substance abuse and depression due to a result in internalizing difficulties.
They also confirm that there is no positive outcome if children are physically punished.

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3 Responses to What can happen to your child if you spank them?

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    • Van says:

      Hi, According to the research, your child’s development may be affected. In my personal opinion, it can cause some trauma to your child and that trauma will trigger the long term effect to the child. You know after I have read this, I promised to myself that I will try my best to not to spank my child. This article thought me a lot of lessons. I love my kid more than I want to spank him.

  2. Robbyn says:

    I wanted to share a project that I am working on. Would you be willing to “like” our Facebook page called “stop spanking” to help prevent child abuse by discouraging spanking? We are working on producing a documentary on the negative effects of spanking and what we are learning from the neurosciences on brain development that makes it clear, we should never spank a child. Thank you and please spread the word!
    Robbyn Peters Bennett

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