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Summer Hair Styles to beat the summer heat

The humid weather can be your greatest enemy tjis summer. Not to mention the unruly hair that gives you more stressed-looking face.  There are ways you can do to help yourselves feel and look fresh during the hot summer days. … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga’s controversial beauty secret

Glamorous and outrageous Lady Gaga has a revealed beauty secret which is being condemned or lets says criticized by professionals and is advised not to be followed. What is the beauty secret? “When I have my wig cap on and … Continue reading

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Kim Chiu poses in bikini

This is a repost from Posted at 04/20/2013 4:04 PM | Updated as of 04/20/2013 4:29 PM   MANILA, Philippines — In a rare move, Kim Chiu shared a photo of her wearing a bikini to welcome “another chapter” … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the greetings and gifts for Gab

As Filipino’s, its in our culture to always thank people who gives us favors and blessings. Even if Rey and me, and even Gab already said Thank You to everyone for all the gifts and birthday wishes during his birthday … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a technique used by companies to spread advertising campaigns with the use of social networks.  This is a way to spread message like a biological virus to target markets almost real-time According to wisegeek, this was first … Continue reading

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Ugly or Beautiful

What do you think? Is this ugly or beautiful? Would you dare to wear this one?

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